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Your Tucson area Honda dealer is now offering an in-house financing solution for customers who have been affected by the recent economic downturn. The finance team at Honda has set up a program in which an employed candidate who makes at least $350 a week will be able to be approved even if they have been turned away from other from other dealerships.

“In the recent economic downtown, people lost their cars to repossession because of job loss or other unfortunate events. As the economy rebounds, citizens find themselves taking jobs that are not as financially rewarding. Our goal at Chapman Honda is to help good people in less than ideal situations,” said Chapman Honda General Manager Neb Yonas.

The ability of purchasing a reliable commuter vehicle has been out of reach for many people and with this program many are able to get a second chance. With job loss, divorce, and bankruptcy becoming more and more common, Chapman Honda realizes ensuring affordable and reliable transportation is necessary and needed.

 “Our in-house financing program is far more flexible compared to a bank or lending company. We’re not looking for people with perfect credit. We’re reaching out to people who have a steady job and are making an effort to rebuild their lives and their credit.  Since the program was instituted, Chapman has become the number one dealer in loan generation.  It’s been very well received in the Tucson community,” said Yonas.

Another key component to this offer is the amazing selection of cars that Chapman has to offer its customers. In terms of both selection and size Chapman Honda has dominated the Tucson used car inventory market.

 “Oftentimes young families inquire about the program. A standard two door car will not do for a family looking to get back on their feet. The selection of eligible vehicles at Chapman Honda includes various makes and models including cars, trucks, and SUVs all ranging in price from $2,195 to $15, 000,” said Yonas.

The in-house financing program will continue for as long as the public demands it. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been looking for a used Honda with limited financial capabilities. For more information on the program, answer a short online questionnaire or stop by Chapman Honda.