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The 2013 Honda Accord has brand new technology that helps keep drivers focused on the road. Many of the features are standard on every model. Your Tucson Honda dealer can tell you more, but here is a quick look:

These features are standard on all LX & Sport models:

Rearview Camera

The rearview camera shows exactly what is behind you when you put the car in reverse. It keeps your car safe and scratch-free and prevents you from damaging anything that may be behind your car.

Intelligent Multi-Information Display

Stay focused on the road, not your phone, with this system. It displays incoming text messages, music information, performance stats and much more on its 8-inch screen.

Eco AssistTM

Drive your car more efficiently by keeping the bars on either side of the speedometer green. It’s a quick indicator that doesn’t require you to take your eyes off the road.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®

Connect your phone to your Honda Accord so you can answer and make calls without taking your hands off the wheel. Visit to see if your phone is compatible.

In addition to the above features, the EX model includes:


A camera on the passenger-side mirror displays live video on the i-MID screen so you have a better view of traffic. You can choose to manually activate the camera or you can set it to automatically turn on when you signal right.

Expanded-View Driver’s Mirror with Turn Indicators

With an expanded outer section, the driver’s side mirror helps eliminate the driver’s blind spot. The mirror is optically convex at it’s outer edge to give visibility to vehicles and objects that otherwise would not be seen.

EX-L and above models have all of the above features and a few more:

Multi-Angle rearview camera

This upgraded version of the basic rearview camera has three modes: wide, normal and top down. These different angles give you a better view of what is behind you so no damage is done to your vehicle or objects behind it.

Forward Collision Warning

There is a radar sensor in the front grille of the vehicle that activates visual and audible warnings if it thinks a frontal collision will occur. If you get extremely close, “BRAKE” flashes on the i-MID, a “heads-up” light and FCW indicator flash and continuous beep sounds are heard until you take preventative action.

Lane Departure Warning

There is a camera mounted between the windshield and rearview mirror that, from 40-90 mph, detects if you begin to switch lanes without using the turn signal. If this happens, the LDW indicator flashes, a message appears on the i-MID and beeps are heard.

Visit Chapman Honda to experience these new features for yourself.

A safety recall is defined as a request by a manufacturer for the return of a particular batch or model of a product when the product has been found to be defective or unsafe. This month, Honda recalled 268,000 CR-Vs in the United States because a leakage could cause the power window switch to overheat and catch on fire, it recalled 573,000 Accords because of a defective power steering hose that poses a fire risk, and 820,000 Civics and Pilot SUVs because of headlight failure.

Knowing the features and specifications of your vehicle and having a regular maintenance schedule can help keep you and your passengers safe in case something goes wrong.

“It’s a good idea to check tire pressure, tire wear and stuff of that nature weekly,” said Jerry Polansky, Chapman Honda service manager. He also said to review the maintenance section of your vehicles owner’s manual.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates consumer complaints and orders recalls to prevent further problems and possible injury. Vehicle manufacturers can also issue recalls voluntarily, however most are prompted by the NHTSA.

When a recall is issued, the manufacturer and NHTSA reach out to the media to spread the word to consumers who may not have received a notice in the mail. You can also give Honda service your car’s VIN and they can check if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle, Polansky said.

You can check to see if any Early Warning Reporting (EWR) notices have been issued for your vehicle. NHTSA created a search engine, found at, to help consumers find EWRs easily.

“If you find out you have a recall on your vehicle, it’s always best to call the dealer and the manufacturer to find out if the vehicle is safe to drive,” Polansky said. “Every recall is different.”

If there is a recall on your Honda, call Honda Tucson and they will tell you exactly what you need to do.