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On the surface, telling people what color car to buy at Chapman Honda is kind of like telling them what food to like. It’s up to personal preference and opinion. However, the exterior and interior color of your car may matter when it comes to things like how hot it can get inside your car. Also, what material your interior is made from can dramatically change how hot it is. One thing is for sure, it isn’t safe to leave pets or children inside cars because regardless of the color, the temperature inside can rise over 45 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour and temperatures rising that fast can be deadly.

There are studies that have proved and debunked the notion that darker cars get hotter quicker than lighter-colored cars. Many studies show darker-colored cars get hotter slightly quicker than lighter-colored cars. I want to emphasize the slightly because I don’t want people buying a white Honda in Tucson thinking it won’t get really hot inside their car during the summer when they would’ve preferred a black car.

One thing I can attest to is that leather gets much hotter than cloth seats. If you live in the desert where it gets 100 degrees or higher, I would stop and think about if you want to deal with getting burnt by your seats in the summer. A darker-colored leather will get a warmer more quickly, but tan leather will get hot enough to burn you in the summer too.

I have heard and read that window tinting does help keep the heat out and therefore helps keep the interior temperature down. Over a long period of time, if left out in the summer sun, your car will get very hot regardless of tint but the tint will slow the process. One thing to be careful about is every state has different laws on how dark a tint can be because the darker tints that help keep temp down the most may be illegal in your state. California for example has a law that prohibits darker tints on the drivers window but allows it on back seat windows. A reputable window-tinter knows the laws affecting window darkness and can advise you on the correct tint to purchase.