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Oscar  Wilde once said, “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” Take Rock Martinez, also known as Cyfi…where you or I may see a wall, he sees a canvas. What may appear as lines and colors to some, is a masterpiece to others. That’s the idea behind the Honda Artist Series; taking something with power and force, like the Honda Civic, and adding a touch of beauty and class.

A local artist, Cyfi has been painting for about 15 years, and says when he first started graffiti, “It was all about getting up in the most highly visible areas, with the most risk.” His opinion has changed a bit over the last decade and a half, now being more particular about where he paints, and the voice it carries. He also now wants to create lasting art, as opposed to destroying with graffiti.

With the Honda Civic, and the Honda Artist Series, Martinez was able to put his art in a highly visible place, and it can now been seen in our showroom at Chapman Honda. Taking a stock red Civic, Cyfi put his own spin on it, with a matte black coat on the hood, top, and rear of the Civic, and completed the look with black rims and racing stripes on the sides.

Innovation is what Chapman Honda prides itself on, and creating art out of one of our vehicles is changing perspective. Now, instead of driving from one place to another, you can drive a work of art. Come see for yourself at Chapman Honda, and visit more of Rock Martinez’s art at

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