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The California New Car Dealers Association reported that the Honda Accord surpassed the Toyota Prius hybrid. The Honda Accord became the bestselling vehicle in California for the first quarter of this year.

However the Prius might still end up on top when all is said and done. It has been the bestseller in the state for two consecutive years.

For the first quarter Toyota dealers sold 15,318 Prius hybrids while Honda dealers sold 15,611 Accords. In third place was the Honda Civic with 14,627 cars sold, and in fourth place was the Toyota Camry with 14,389 cars sold. Rounding out to the top five was the Toyota Corolla, which reported 13,350 vehicle sales.

In the first quarter, no other vehicle in the California market sold over 10,000 units.

For this quarter, Chrysler Group was the fastest growing automaker among the major brands in California. Next in line was Jeep, in which vehicle sales increased by almost 57% last year to 10,359. Chrysler had two other big gainers, namely the Ram trucks that were up 49% to 5,286 units sold, and Fiat up 78% to 3,514 vehicles sold in the first quarter.

Lexus and Lincoln were also big gainers in this time period.

On the other end, Tesla Motors recorded the biggest sales drop, falling 36% in this quarter to 1,533 vehicles. Volvo and Volkswagen were among the big losers in the state for this period.

The New Dealers Association highlighted the difference in the California market compared to the rest of the country. On the national scale, the Ford F-Series pickup truck was the bestselling automobile by a wide margin. In California however, the Ford F-series sales classified in 7th place with 9,255 vehicles sold.

According to Brian Maas, President of the dealers association, it was a good quarter for California car dealers overall. At this pace dealers are expected to sell over 1.8 million vehicles by year-end, a number that would be back to the pre-recession levels.

With an improvement of 5.4%, California’s car sales slowed down a bit from earlier quarters yet they remain ahead of the rest of the country. For instance, auto dealers outside of California noted an increase of only 2.7% in growth.

Japanese manufacturers were top again in California in the new-car market with a 49.2% of overall sales in the state. Domestic brands made up 27.6% of the California market, with European brands accounting for 15.5% and South Korean brands coming in at 7.6%.

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Honda — a name that is synonymous with quality auto making. Honda cars have been always been the cutting-edge of innovation in every aspect of the industry. The aims of the company have consistently been improving technology towards a more efficient and eco conscious world.

It’s true. The latest improvement in the world of Honda is the development of ‘Earth Dreams Technology’. The purpose of the Earth Dreams Technology is to help increase efficiency while at the same time, enhancing the strength of the engine. This is a concept that at first glance may seem contradictory. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

i-VTEC Engine In Focus:

When first looking at the i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System) engine, everything about it may appear to still be the same. The same VTEC insignia is still there, however the new technology under the hood drastically improves fuel efficiency. It achieves this by regulating thermal conditions inside the block, resulting in minimized friction for a smoother ride inside and out.

In today’s auto industry this mechanical programming takes variable adjustable cam gears with ultra-specific timing, to control power delivery. The adjustable valve openings operate together to minimize the loss of energy. That is, the camshafts are regulated at numerous speeds to control timing and power output. This results in improved performance at lower speeds. Further, the camshaft movement is kept slow so that the valve opening is small. At the same time the fuel flow into the piston is also kept to a minimum, dramatically improving fuel efficiency. These two systems working together segregates the latest i-VTEC engine from Honda’s ‘Earth Dream Technology’ in a league of it’s own. Put the key in the ignition, step on the gas and you will experience exactly what I mean. These advances are exciting not only for the eco-conscious, but for the car enthusiast alike. Cars containing this amount of power prove that once and for all you do not have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy.

An Inside Look At Earth Dreams Technology:

When Honda launched Earth Dreams Technology, it introduced a series of technical advances aimed for top-of-the-line fuel efficiency for every class of vehicle. Technology that would shift into a global strategy that supports environmental causes worldwide. Honda expects that by 2020 their entire line of vehicles will reduce carbon emissions by as much as 30%. The line of VTEC technologies for Honda is already top of the line. Honda’s 2020 project will bring another specific set of modifications that will cater to the needs of each individual class of automobiles.

Already there have been two engines built using ‘Earth Dream Technology’, awarding them ‘Best Engine’ by Ward’s Autoworld. You can find these engines in the Honda Accord model 2.4, as well as the 4-cylinder and 3.4, V6 models. The variety is what we find will be truly exciting for drivers. There really is something for everyone, and it is for this reason that Honda in Tucson is proud to present these premier products by Honda to our customers.

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acura honda NSX

The Acura NSX supercar debuted as a concept car at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Honda President and CEO Takanobu Ito said the NSX would be ready in 3 years. And now the wait is over. The new Acura NSX supercar made its debut in January 2015 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

John Mende, American Honda Executive VP of the Automobile Division, told reporters that this new generation of NSX would deliver supercar performance for the racetrack and the road. Mende described the NSX as ‘another worldly experience'” and that it is a ‘thrill to describe the driving experience’. The new Honda Acura NSX will surely put a smile on your face when you drive it.

The NSX is set to be built at a previous Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio. It will be powered by a 3 motor, twin-turbocharged Sport Hybrid powertrain engine. Engineers and designers, from both Ohio and California, developed the powertrain engine. It is rumored to have an output of over 550 horsepower! If Honda delivers on the promise of the hybrid AWD, this will provide V8 performance at a rate better than a 4-cylinder fuel economy.

The interior of the NSX features a low dashboard with bared aluminum structural parts protected by cushioned, black-and-red-stitched natural leather panels. A TFT instrument array is located behind a remarkably sculpted steering wheel with flatter top and bottom parts. One feature that Honda recreated with the new NSX, is the slender windshield pillars. The windshield pillars were clearly one of the best features on the original car. They are designed to give the driver an unobstructed panoramic view of the road ahead.

The Acura NSX is going to be the halo car for the luxury Honda sector. The company is also hoping to reenergize the brand and remind us of the legendary Acura performance. Honda states that the new NSX will be the “ultimate expression of man-machine synergy,” where the driver and car work in unison, rather than having the driver appear to be driven by a high powered, robotized machine. Sales volume is not expected to be very high.

Mende went on to say that the new NSX would be as groundbreaking as the original. No figures on fuel economy were available at the time of writing this article. The final price tag is expected to be in the $150K range.

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2015 honda accord natural gas

Honda has done it again, and it should come as no surprise to green car buyers that the 2015 Honda Accord is loaded with environmentally friendly features. For years Honda has lead the market being the first to offer vehicles with an Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (ULEV) rating. Launched in November 2014, Honda continues that legacy with the Honda Accord Hybrid model and the Honda Accord Natural Gas.

Both models provide excellent fuel efficiency. The following environmental features will likely please any green car buyer:

• The Eco Assist System carries coaching bars around the speedometer that changes from white to green, alerting the driver to the fuel efficiency. Gas-saving drivers can better understand how their driving habits are affecting their fuel economy.

• The Econ button when activated automatically, adjusts its fuel-consuming systems to maximum efficiency. Push the button again and take advantage of the Accord’s exceptional performance.

• The Earth Dream Technology enhances the vehicle performance by increasing its horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.

However it is the hybrid model of the 2015 Honda Accord, with its perfect union of electric and gas technology, that will pull at the “heart strings” of a clean air lover.

How does the Hybrid stack up?

• According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid gives 50 miles per gallon in the city and 45 miles per gallon on the highway. Overall the Honda Accord receives a fuel efficiency of 47 miles per gallon. The Accord out performs the fuel economy of the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid by 10 percent, and further outdoes the 2015 Camry Hybrid by 13 percent. calculates fuel costs for the Hybrid to be $1,000 annually.

• With a starting price of $30,000 the hybrid is priced reasonably, allowing the buyer to save more money at the gas pumps. However the plug-in version is more expensive with an estimated stating price tag of $40,000.

• Those concerned with high gas emissions will appreciate the perfect 10 EPA’s smog rating. The 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid has 188 grams per mile of CO2.

• The Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid compared with the standard Hybrid, can operate on electric power exclusively and give 13 miles of electric range.

Although being named one of the 10 Best Green Cars, Honda did not minimize on style and performance. All Honda vehicles owners will get the best of both worlds.

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Sleeker Lines and New Interior Add to Appeal

The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot is moving away from its traditional boxy look to a more modern profile with windswept lines and a sculpted body that’s fitting of its technological advancements. By taking greater care with the body design and adding LED lighting and 20-inch wheels, the new Pilot takes its place as one of the most beautiful SUVs to offer three-row seating on the market. Inside, buyers will have a choice of captain’s chairs for the second row instead of bench seating. A 9-inch entertainment system plays both Blu-Ray and regular DVDs to keep the backseat chatter to a minimum on those long family road trips. Easier access to the third row of seating and plenty of storage for all passengers adds to the functionality of the interior. Five USB ports allow everyone to keep their phones and electronic devices charged to full capacity, while an 8-inch touchscreen puts all the navigation and audio controls within easy reach of the driver.

New V-6 Provides Power and Fuel Efficiency

By adding a more powerful V-6 engine and trimming 300 pounds off the weight of the vehicle, Honda has created a more responsive and fuel-efficient people and cargo carrier. When cruising at highway speed or during other times of low demand, the engine turns off up to three of the cylinders to offer a gas mileage increase that is expected to add up to two or three miles per gallon. Depending on the trim level you purchase, Honda offers both a six-speed and nine-speed automatic transmission to seamlessly take you to your destination. Take a test drive of the new Honda Pilot when it comes to Chapman Honda Tucson later this year.

Exterior Monitors Eliminate Blind Spots

Along with numerous side and front air bags, Honda technology provides sensors to help drivers avoid collisions. LaneWatch utilizes a camera on the passenger side mirror to watch for objects in that blind spot, while a rearview camera and Honda’s lane departure technology keeps the driver alert and focused on a safe driving experience. Adaptive cruise control automatically slows the vehicle down as the driver in front of you reduces speed. Sensors also help reduce body roll while traction control automatically distributes power to keep the wheels from slipping. Experience all of Honda’s top-rated safety features for yourself when the new Pilot makes its debut at Chapman Honda Tucson.


New Design Helps Meet Need for Mid-size Pickup

After taking a break for a model year, Honda is expected to announce the all-new 2016 Ridgeline at the April New York Auto Show. Although the Internet is rife with speculation and rumor, insiders say the Honda Ridgeline will be built on the Pilot platform and may feature a hybrid option along with the standard V6. The new Ridgeline will be targeting the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, so stay in touch with Chapman Honda for details on when the new models will be available in showrooms.

Ridgeline Shows off Sleeker Look

Expect a longer, lower stance for the new Ridgeline that features more rounded corners than in previous versions. Although the initial offering is expected to come with only two doors, the Ridgeline still provides seating for five to help satisfy the need for both a people and cargo hauler. Although Honda is not offering any specifics at this point, it hints at offering technology that is not available in the current SUV or truck market. Could this be the flying car that’s been promised in science magazines for so long? Probably not, but check in often with Chapman Honda for the latest details on the new Honda Ridgeline.

Ridgeline is the “Anti-Pickup Pickup”

For families who need to haul an occasional piece of furniture or large box, but mainly just use their vehicle for commuting to work and school, the Honda Ridgeline offers the perfect compromise of fuel efficiency, comfort and hauling ability. Phased out in mid-2014 to make room for a new design later this year, expect the Ridgeline to stay close to its original purpose with a few design tweaks. The Ridgeline is a perfect size for maneuvering in congested traffic, nabbing an elusive parking space and functioning in an office or school carpool. If predictions are true and Honda includes a hybrid option, Honda will secure an elusive niche as the most fuel-efficient mid-size pickup. Although it’s not a good choice for hauling large loads or towing trailers, the Ridgeline makes the perfect choice for a family or couple with an occasional hauling need.

Ridgeline Honda’s First Take at Pickup Truck

When the Ridgeline debuted in 2006, it marked Honda’s first attempt to seize a share of the burgeoning U.S. truck market. Going up against companies with a long truck lineage like Ford, General Motors and Dodge, the initial Ridgeline offered an alternative look with a much smaller bed. U.S. sales peaked in the second year of production at just over 50,000 units and slowly declined until a redesigned model in 2012 renewed interest. Honda executives are banking on the need for competition in the mid-size truck market to create a demand for the all-new Honda Ridgeline. Check back with Chapman Honda often to find out when the new truck will be available for a test drive.


Fit Wins Two Categories

Claiming first place in both the Affordable Small Cars and Subcompact Cars category, the 2015 Honda Fit dominated the rankings in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Cars for the Money competition. Reviewers cited a back seat with plenty of room for adults, superior cargo space and a smooth ride as some of the reasons they fell in love with the Fit. Whether you choose a manual or automatic transmission, the Fit is responsive and fun to drive. Its small size makes it a perfect choice for navigating urban congestion, while outstanding gas mileage means it is a sensible car for long commutes. You can test-drive the new Fit at your Honda Tucson dealer, Chapman Honda.

Standard Features Provide Creature Comforts

A long list of standard features makes the Fit a smart choice for consumers looking for an inexpensive vehicle with a touch of luxury. A four-speaker CD audio system is included in all models, as is a rearview camera, USB port, Bluetooth technology and audio and cruise control buttons mounted on the steering wheel. Optional packages include a power moonroof and a navigation/entertainment system controlled by a 7-inch touchscreen. Features like LaneWatch, a camera that reveals what’s in a driver’s blind spot, contribute to the Fit winning the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety top pick award. The Fit comes in three different trim levels, which you can see at your Honda Tucson dealer.

Honda CR-V Continues to Impress

The most popular SUV in America, the Honda CR-V, won the Best Cars for the Money competition in the Affordable Compact SUV category. With fuel economy that reaches 34 miles per gallon on the highway, a comfortable ride and plenty of room for passengers, the CR-V continues to impress reviewers and consumers alike. An updated suspension package for 2015 results in improved handling. Reviewers also commented on the use of upgraded interior materials to create a more luxurious cabin. Even the base model of the CR-V includes a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. Consumers have the option to add a moonroof, enhanced stereo system and collision avoidance technology.

Although front wheel drive is standard in the 2015 CR-V, all wheel drive is an option. Powered by a peppy 2.4 liter engine, this light utility vehicle has plenty of power to get on a freeway or climb a mountain road. Check out the all-new CR-V or the Fit at Chapman Honda in Tucson.


Honda made an appearance at the Auto Show in Detroit, after they announced the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). While Honda did not have any new vehicles to showcase in Detroit, they did present future ideas for environmental-friendly transportation.

Honda estimates that they will be offering new Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) models by 2018. The EV (or Battery Electric Vehicle, i.e. BEV) will be a pure battery electric vehicle and the PHEV will be a plug-in hybrid.

Honda mentioned the use of two- and three-motor hybrid systems to be included in the next hybrid models beginning March 2016. Following these models, Honda is hoping to replace the Fit EV and Accord hybrids with the new 2018 lineup. The future green 2018 lineup will also be stealing the modern curves of newly created Acura NSX supercar. The Acura NSX is said to be incorporating battery electric power as well.

More About Honda’s Future EV and PHEV Vehicles

Both the EV and PHEV powered cars will be set with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electric Control System (VTEC) Turbo Engines, along with their Earth Dreams Technology. For consumers interested in saving gas and improving air quality, the VTEC Turbo Engines will significantly reduce the amount of fuel needed to power the car. The new Honda’s Earth Dream Technology powertrains are the generation of vehicles offering ultra-low carbon options. Honda’s future 2018 lineup EV and PHEV powered cars are just a few models that will jumpstart the Earth Dream Technology line.

Honda is steadily improving fuel efficiency for their vehicles and plans to continue research for another decade. Honda states that we should expect even further advancement in electric and hydrogen power by the year 2025.

Overall Honda is choosing to invest funds into electrons over petroleum. They also are investing $13.8 million to FirstElement, as well as $340 million to the Anna Engine Plant. With these investments, Honda plans to further produce VTEC Turbo 4-cylinder engines and additional hydrogen refueling stations. Ryan Hardy, Honda’s manager of Environmental Business Development, agrees that, “We [Honda] really are building the foundational blocks to get to where we need to go after 2025.”

Be prepared for new Honda inventory coming up in the coming years. Chapman Honda will be ready to showcase new Honda models as they become available in the U.S. See your local Honda dealer today to learn more.

2012 Honda Pilot

Planning on a family trip, a cross-country adventure or a simple weekend getaway? Get ready for the Honda Pilot! The Pilot packs a lot of space with larger cargo room, maneuverable seats and trusty off-road handling.

Since its third generation debut in 2015 as a multifunctional utility vehicle, there has been great demand for Honda’s large SUV.

A leader among large 4WD vehicles, the Pilot offers both beauty and brawn. Senior Vice President and General Manager of Honda, Jeff Conrad agrees. “With looks that command attention and the powerful presence of true functionality, the 2016 Pilot sets a new benchmark in the midsize SUV class with an unmatched combination of sophistication and utility.”

“This means the all-new Pilot will comfort, entertain and assist active families in all aspects of their lives, whether it’s an evening out for two, a road trip adventure for all or just the chores of everyday life,” he said in a press release.

Excited to hear more? Let’s talk about the incredible space and impressive performance of the Honda Pilot.

Previous Pilot models contain a lot of space. The newest model however, has changed dramatically in terms of space. For instance, length from the front to the back of the vehicle has increased to 3.5 inches. Additionally, the Pilot supplies plenty of shoulder room that rivals most minivans.

Higher Pilot trim lines offer even more room, with captain chairs available in the second row. The base trim level includes a 3-person second row, which means the Pilot can accommodate up to 8 passengers. This seating configuration is ideal for large families.

Despite its robust appearance, the Pilot rides incredibly smooth on the road. The 4-wheel independent suspension can be thanked for this. Also with an average 250 horsepower, 3.5 liter, 24-valve, and perhaps a SOHC i-VTEC engine, the Pilot is ready for any terrain. To also battle uphill paths, a 5-speed automatic transmission with special Grade Logic control is available.

Safety features include Hill Start Assist, which prevents the SUV from rolling forward or backward when stopping on a steep incline. Also to avoid skidding in mud, snow or other low-traction conditions, the VTM-4 Lock (Variable Torque Management 4-Wheel Drive System) is handy. The VTM-4 Lock will allow you to ‘lock’ the rear differential to aid your car’s recovery from hydroplaning.

You can find both new and earlier editions of the Honda Pilot at select dealerships, such as Chapman Honda. Speak to one of our friendly associates to learn more about the incredible features and specs regarding the Pilot. Drive away in your dream car today!


The unveiling of the new 2016 Honda Fit debuted in Japan this year. After the Fit’s success due to last year’s record sales, Honda decided to roll out the next version. This will be the fourth generation of the Honda Fit since it began production in 2006. A hybrid version, already available in Japan, is rumored to make a US debut next year.

Honda continues to improve the Fit and has been focusing efforts to create more fuel-efficient vehicles. Due to the popularity of the Fit, Honda has been recreating new model vehicles – like the Honda HR-V – that mimic several of the Honda Fit features. In this article, we will discuss the improvements made to the Fit, including fuel saving technology, exterior body design and model versions.

Fuel Saving Technology

Competitors of Honda Fit’s fuel saving technology are the Toyota Prius, Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. However none of these vehicles offer as much gas savings as the Fit. Even with a 4-cylinder direct injection VTEC engine, the new hybrid hits an amazing 80 miles per gallon. The engine also produces 130 horsepower, along with a standard 1.5 liter engine capacity. To further increase fuel efficiency the weight and design of the exterior has been changed.

Streamlined Design

The new Fit will weigh less, have a sleeker design, and offer more advanced features. The body style alone is made with aluminum and lighter steel materials, and the styling carries a more modern look that is set to reduce wind resistance. The Fit not only carries a brand new exterior shape, but the redesign of the body will allow for greater fuel efficiency. New lighting features of the 2016 Fit include multi-reflector headlights and daytime running lights (DRL). The navigation system in the front cabin has been updated, including a beautiful LCD screen, a variety of entertainment options (surround-sound audio system, USB ports and more), and satellite radio capability. Optional luxury features include a push button start, power moonroof, heated front seats, and LaneWatch display.

Great Value

Depending on the model and added features, the 2016 Honda Fit will cost approximately $16,000 – $21,000. Three trim lines of the  2016 Honda Fit will be available, including the basic LX, mid-range EX and premium EX-L.

Interested in test-driving a Honda Fit? Check out a variety of new and older models of the Honda Fit and Honda Fit hybrids at Chapman Honda.