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Tops the Three-row SUV List

When the redesigned 2016 Honda Pilot arrives on the Chapman Honda showroom floor later this summer, it’s expected to wow consumers to such an extent that it leaps to the front of the three-row SUV pack. By combining a sporty and sleek exterior with a luxurious interior and providing a bigger power plant, the new Honda Pilot continues to add to an already solid reputation that started back in 2002. The new Earth Dreams 3.5-liter V6 will produce 30 more horsepower than last year’s model and is expected to provide increased fuel efficiency. A range of traction options provide drivers with selections based on existing conditions. The all-wheel drive model provides choices for mud, sand or snow, making the vehicle an excellent choice for families living in winter climates.

Number of Trim Levels at Different Price Points

The new Honda Pilot will be available in several different trim levels, including the LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite packages. The top-of-the-line Elite grouping includes heated front seats, captain’s chairs in the second row, a panoramic glass roof, and rain sensing wipers. Even the base LX model comes standard with an automatic transmission, rearview camera, remote entry, push button start, Color LCD screen and Bluetooth connectivity. The EX adds remote start, Honda LaneWatch, fog lights, power driver seat and an upgraded audio system, among other features. The Touring package also includes a Blu-Ray rear video system and satellite navigation.

Interior More User Friendly

If there was one knock on previous models of the Pilot, it involved an interior that didn’t maximize the use of space. The new Honda Pilot has a more organized cabin space with controls placed in logical spots that are well within the driver’s reach. The addition of five USB ports on the interior means everyone should be able to charge a phone or tablet without having to wait, an important feature when taking long trips. A redesign of the third-row access point makes climbing in the back much easier. The second row seats fold out of the way to provide almost 3 inches of additional space for those who choose to sit in the back.

Lots of Extras Available

One of the really nice things about the new Honda Pilot is the ability to add or subtract features to create a vehicle you can afford and still feel good about. The company hasn’t released prices for the new vehicle yet, but with the ability to mix and match features you can create a luxury vehicle or a basic people hauler backed by the strong reliability of Honda vehicles. Give the sales department at Chapman Honda a call to find out when the new Pilots will make their debut.


Is an ad that never ends the best way for an automaker to convey never-ending commitment to quality, performance and longevity?

Following up their Gold Lion award winning “Illusions” ad, Honda and Mcgarrybowen London have teamed up again—this time for the 2015 Honda CR-V. On an “Endless Road”, the new CR-V goes on an infinite spiralling road that is meant to portray Honda’s never-ending quest to produce the most advanced CR-V to date. While Honda pushed the limits of YouTube with its “Other Side” last year, this year they have taken it even further. When you watch “Endless-Road” ad on YouTube, it will use real-time data to detect the exact weather in your location. Then YouTube will show the corresponding Endless Road ad.

You have to be logged into YouTube for the location specific part to work, however.

The director, Chris Palmer of Gorgeous, used a one-tenth scale model for the ad spot with help from set designers at The Magic Camera Company and MediaMonks a digital production company. “Twisted Nerve” is the soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann from the Kill Bill movie.

The inspiration for the ad campaign came from Honda itself. They were pushing endlessly to improve the CR-V in many different ways, despite the fact that the new CR-V model was similar to the previous year.

Honda finally settled on the circular motion to communicate the endless effect. Although the film looks simple, behind the scenes it was hugely complex with mathematical calculations, camera placements, set design, and more. A life-size, pigtail road was initially suggested but the real location didn’t provide the control necessary to produce endless illusion. Instead, the scale model was introduced and everything else fell into place after that.

The mathematics of “the golden spiral” was used to give the film a seamless illusion. It worked by shifting the view of the scene by 180 degrees and then a new scene appears. That was done repeatedly in different weather conditions. Then when people are logged into YouTube when viewing the video, it will pick up the real time weather in their location and show the appropriate video.

The whole idea was first developed on the computer. Then it was passed onto the model makers to produce the final scale model.

So did the project help to communicate Honda’s approach of never ending improvement?

Honda will not stop at OK, good or even great. They are innovators in every aspect of car, passenger and pedestrian safety, and will work nonstop to improve their products and the customers they serve.

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