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Fuel Station Infrastructure Insufficient

Honda has been trying to make natural gas a significant player in the American auto industry since 1998, but the lack of fueling stations has finally rung the death knell on this alternative fuel. Honda recently announced this will be the last year the company offers any natural gas vehicles and is instead looking to develop hybrid and all-electric platforms. John Mendel, VP of American Honda, cites the lack of fueling stations as the main reason for the shift in focus. “The infrastructure, while it improved, just wasn’t as convenient as petrol,” he said. We gave it a pretty long run and we tried and tried and tried.” In total, the company has only sold about 16,000 natural gas vehicles. Most of those have gone to commercial fleets.

Two-motor Hybrid Coming by 2018

With the natural gas component off the plate, Honda is still committed to producing fuel-efficient vehicles to meet ever-tightening government mileage standards. One solution is a two-motor hybrid that will first show up in the 2018 Accord. This is being developed in conjunction with a new hybrid plug-in, electric vehicle and three-motor hybrid, along with the work continuing on the hydrogen cell vehicles. Honda already offers fuel economy that is best in class for most vehicles in its lineup. Mendel promises the new technology will “become a mainstream volume pillar for the Honda brand.”

FCV Concept Still in the Works

Honda’s Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car is still a major part of the company’s plans for the future. The creation of this zero emission vehicle still faces some challenges, including the recharging infrastructure that plagued the natural gas project. By using hydrogen fuel cells, the FCV creates electricity out of hydrogen and oxygen with the only byproduct being water. A charge takes only a few minutes and provides a driving range of more than 300 miles. Stay in touch with your Tucson Honda dealer, Chapman Honda, to see when the exact launch date for the FCV Concept. Honda says U.S. deliveries will follow an introduction in Japan early next year.

Honda Leads Way in Alternative Fuel

Even with the natural gas vehicle Civic dropping by the wayside, Honda has six alternative fuel vehicles either currently in production or soon to be available at your Tucson Honda dealer, Chapman Honda. The Accord Hybrid, Accord Plug-in, CR-Z Sport Hybrid, Insight Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, FIT EV and FCX Clarity all prove Honda’s commitment to fuel-efficient technology.


If you’re looking to save the planet, get some great mileage and still be able to stretch out your 5 foot, 10 inch frame in the back seat, take heart in the availability of compact and subcompact cars that offer a roomy interior. Honda leads the way, with the Fit and Civic both delivering outstanding fuel efficiency while providing room for adults to seat in the front and back seats. Go sit in a Honda for yourself at your Tucson Honda dealer, Chapman Honda and see just how nice it is to stretch out in a well-made automobile.

Honda Fit

With its “magic seat” arrangement, the Fit can accommodate a variety of loads and people, making it the most versatile subcompact vehicle on the market. The Fit gas tank is strategically placed under the front seats, allowing the rear seat to fold in a variety of configurations that include flat into the floor for a van-like rear cargo area. The front passenger seat folds down flat, allowing you to haul objects almost 8 feet long in this little subcompact. Put all the seats in the upright position and you have a perfect commuter car with almost 40 inches of rear legroom.

The Fit has five seatbelts, but to be fair only four adults fit comfortably due to the small width of the car. By earning 33 mpg in the city and 41 in the highway, the Fit is the perfect commuter car for work or taking your turn in the school ride share program.

Honda Civic

As one of the most popular compact cars of the last decade, the Civic has the benefit of longevity to allow designers to fit the most people into the smallest space. With rear legroom that’s almost three inches longer than the Ford Focus and two inches longer than the Chevy Cruze, your passengers will thank you for picking out a car that allows them to stretch their legs. With no driveline to the rear wheels, Honda designers have chosen to make the rear floor completely flat. This gives rear riders a feeling of freedom to position their feet as they choose. Go to your Tucson Honda dealer, Chapman Honda, to experience the spaciousness of the Civic’s rear seat.

Even though it’s substantially larger than the Fit, the Civic still gets outstanding gas mileage. The sedan scores an estimated 30 mpg in the city and 39 on the highway while seating five full-size adults.

Auto Sales

American Honda Inc. revealed May 2015 Honda  automobile sales of 137,551 units. Month-to-month American Honda combined number of sales were up 1.3 % year-over-year.

According to American Honda reports for 2015 sales, gateway models like the Honda Light Truck and Sedan sales have helped to increase May’s sales of Hondas.

The Honda Fit with its 82 % gain spearheaded Honda’s strong sales for May.

The new HR-V debutedwith an impressive 6,381 vehicles sold in just 2 weeks, to lead a record May Honda light truck earnings with a 10.6 % year-over-year increase to 63,979 vehicles.


With the launch of the all-new HR-V entry level crossover additionally improving the perennially sought after Honda light truck series, the trifecta of HR-V, CR-V and Pilot CUVs demonstrated a lucrative sales blend in May. The collection will build up more momentum with the June first appearance of the all-new third-generation 2016 Pilot coming soon to Chapman Honda. The introductory automobile to the Honda car range, the Fit is finding a market with sharply rising number of personal customers, posting an 82-percent increase to 6,342 vehicles in May. Accord and Civic remain extremely popular, topping 30,000 vehicles in sales, together with America’s most in-demand SUV, the Honda CR-V.



2016 Pilot Loaded With Features

Even though the overall economy is up and down, Americans are showing they like their vehicles loaded with creature comforts and innovative technology. Auto sales are consistently growing across the board, thanks to vehicles like the Honda Pilot that tip the scales from pure functionality into affordable luxury. The Pilot showed a 17 percent sales increase in May despite the pending release of a totally redesigned vehicle later this month. Overall year-to-date sales of the Pilot jumped by 47 percent or 2015, which portends well for the future of Honda’s biggest SUV.

Lower Gas Prices Spark Truck Sales

Even though fuel prices are trending upwards again, they are still almost a dollar a gallon lower than a year ago. The relative low cost of gas has boosted consumer confidence in SUVs and light trucks, which are cherished for their power, carrying capability, luxury features and high resale value. Prices have jumped a little due to the use of exotic fuel blends and increased summer demand, but industry experts predict the cost per gallon of gasoline to head back down closer to $2 a gallon once the summer is over. Shaving 300 pounds off the weight of the previous model year positions the new Pilot as the fuel efficiency leader in its class.

Honda Shaking Up Product Line

The new Pilot is just part of a redeveloped product line that Honda is hoping will increase its U.S. market share. The next four model years will bring a refreshed lineup of nearly all the other vehicles in the product line, which is far more than planned by any other U.S. automaker. “We’re confident that the Pilot will ultimately become a new sales pillar in our lineup,” said Jeff Conrad, a Honda general manager. Come see the new Pilot when it hits the showroom at Chapman Honda later this month.

Pilot Re-engineered From Ground Up

The Honda Pilot design team virtually examined every nut, bolt and washer during the redesign of this popular SUV, listening to consumer feedback to provide an enhanced transportation experience for the driver and occupants. Major enhancements to interior quality, a slick new exterior design and total commitment to Honda technology makes the new Pilot one of the most fun and functional SUVs on the planet. A complete suite of safety sensors and driver assist technologies also make the Pilot one of the safest vehicles on the road. Be the first on your block to drive the new Pilot by visiting Chapman Honda later this month.


The 3rd generation 2016 Honda Pilot is a truly sincere endeavor to achieve leadership in the mid-size CUV sector.

The 2016 Honda Pilot mid-size CUV is the perfect example of how automakers aim to meet the buyer’s wants, needs and expectations. Honda actually carried out a customer survey when they were planning the 2016 Pilot. Then from that Honda got a top-20 list that they worked with to produce the 2016 Pilot.

Ride and handling would be top of the list right? Surprisingly, that’s not what the survey told Honda!

The top five on the list were: Blind Spot Warning, Pre-collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Cooled Seats, and Heated Steering Wheel.

GPS/navigation system was last on the top 20 list, while panoramic sunroof/moonroof came in at number 15.

The three objectives that Honda built the new Pilot around were safety and technology; efficiency and power; and refinement and style.

From the interior, the overall length increased 90 mm over the previous model. The Pilot still has the 8/7 seating with 18.5 cubic feet of cargo space at the back of the 3rd row. In addition, there are 56 cubic feet behind the 2nd row and 109 cubic feet with all back rows folded. The cargo shelf in the 3rd row is removable for extra storage or groceries.

Back seat passengers have access to a 9 inch Blu-ray compatible screen. There is a 115-volt plug in overhead control console and for older games there are “legacy inputs”. For those who need to keep their cellphones and tablets charged, there are 5 USB ports and four 2.5-amp charging slots between the front seats, at the back of the console.

In term of technology, the Pilot is equipped with a new navigation, info and audio system that is accessible via the 8″ touchscreen and built-in Garmin navigation system. Although the system is android- based, it still supports the iPhone.

The Garmin system has 3D maps, live traffic updates and traffic re-routing in real-time.

The “smart key” has a 55 meter (164 feet) range and can control climate. It can also start the engine via remote controls.

Under the hood, the 2016 Pilot is powered by a 3.5-liter 16-valve, SOHC direct injection V6 engine that outputs 280 horsepower and 262 lb/ft of torque. It comes in front or all-wheel driver, and covers 6 or 9 speed transmissions.

For fuel efficiency, the 6-speed FWD reports 19 mpg city, 27 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. For the 9-speed transmissions, the numbers are 19 mpg city, 25 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined.

The current Pilot was a rather tepid seller, coming in at number 10 in 2014 in the mid-size CUV segment. However, make way for the newly designed Honda Pilot coming to Chapman Honda soon! The 2016 Pilot is set to go on on sale in late July this year.