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Even High MPG Cars Can Benefit

Even though most of the cars you can buy at your Tucson Honda dealer are in the upper 30 to 40 plus mile per gallon range, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most gasoline bang for your buck. Maintaining proper engine performance, keeping the oil changed regularly and monitoring tire pressure are all standard measures to help maximize fuel efficiency, but there are other things you can do as well. Consider these tips from the service pros at Chapman Honda:

Turn Your Car Off

Not when you’re driving down the road, but when you’re stuck in a line at the bank or the hamburger joint that doesn’t seem to be moving, turn your vehicle off. Those precious minutes setting at idle are not only burning expensive gas, but also pumping pollutants into the atmosphere. A general rule of thumb is if you’re sitting for more than a minute, turn your car off.

Time the Lights

We all know that green means go, red means stop and yellow means “drive very fast,” but by keeping your vision upward and trying to time the lights, you can add a couple of miles per gallon to your fuel efficiency. When you see a light turn red, let off the accelerator and try and coast as much as possible until you absolutely have to stop. If you have a vehicle that shows instantaneous fuel mileage, you’ll be surprised at just how much that increases your efficiency. If you have to stop, lay off the jackrabbit starts. Tromping down on the accelerator wastes gas. Build up speed gradually and try and time each light so you don’t have to stop. If you’re driving a car that is hard on gas, stop in to Chapman Honda and see the wide array of high efficiency vehicles available for low monthly payments.

Fix Your Car’s Problems

According to a government fuel economy site, having something as simple to fix as a bad oxygen sensor can cause you to waste up to 40 percent of your fuel. A bad gas cap can also release gasoline into the air in the form of vapors. Old oil causes the engine to run inefficiently and clogged air filters also hurt performance. Replace your filters on a regular basis and watch your gas mileage improve. If you can’t do the work yourself, stop into a dealership like Chapman Honda and they will be happy to take care of all your service needs.


Tenth Generation Civic is a Game Changer

Those who remember the original Civic may recall a vehicle that looked more like a toy than an automobile. Barely bigger than a breadbox, the Civic provided affordable, efficient transportation during the beginning of the first great oil crisis. Fast-forward 43 years to the latest incarnation of the Civic and you’ll find a sophisticated vehicle that comes in a variety of packages. The 10th generation Civic is totally re-designed from the tires up to provide a fun, yet still efficient, driving experience for modern drivers. Test-drive the new Civic for yourself with a visit to Chapman Honda.

New Model Longer and Wider

The new Honda Civic is a little more than an inch longer and 2 inches wider than the previous model. This provides an increase of almost 4 cubic feet and 2 extra inches of legroom in the rear over the previous model. It also sits an inch lower, and has a much more dynamic look with a wide chrome grill and sculpted front end. The Civic has several choices in body style, including a hatchback, coupe, sedan and Si sport models for those who feel the need for speed. Make sure and check out the new rear end, which features a flowing line from the roof into the new LED taillights.

Turbocharger a First for Civic

The new Honda Civic offers a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in some models. The 1.5-liter I-4 should produces more than 200 horsepower, more than enough to power this small car past big trucks or around hairpin corners. While the turbocharged engine is only offered on premium trim levels, other models get the 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder, the most powerful gas engine ever offered in a Civic. Both engines should get in excess of 40 miles per gallon, although official numbers have not yet been released.

New Chassis Stronger, yet Lighter

By using a lot more ultra-strength steel in the new Civic platform, Honda says it provides 25 percent more rigidity than previous models. Even though it has 10 percent more steel than previous models, it is also 68 pounds lighter. New body sealing techniques and a lower seating position provide a quieter and sportier ride, which is enhanced by a beefier suspension and supported by four-wheel disc brakes. On higher trim levels, you can even add a brake-torque vectoring system to help you power through corners. Head over to Chapman Honda and see why the new Civic is turning heads.