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Certified Pre-owned Hondas Take Worry out of Buying Used

When debating the choice between buying a new vehicle or something used, consider the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program at Chapman Honda. CPO Hondas include many benefits you just can’t find when buying from a private seller or other dealers. First, only low-mile vehicles in excellent condition are chosen for the CPO program. Those vehicles then undergo an extensive inspection by trained Honda service technicians. If they pass, they are serviced, detailed and brought back to almost new condition before being put on the line.

Inspection Roots Out any Problems

The dealer is in much the same position as you when it takes a vehicle in trade. Without a thorough inspection, it’s impossible to know of any underlying problems that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. Once the dealership determines a Honda might be eligible for the CPO program, the vehicle history report is screened thoroughly to identify any red flags. Then comes the intense multi-point inspection where the technicians go over the car with a fine tooth comb both inside and out, paying special attention to the brakes, engine, exhaust system, drivetrain, steering, suspension, tires, wheels and the condition of the interior and the body. Any problems that are serviceable are fixed and the vehicle enters the CPO program. You’ll be able to examine a thorough vehicle history report before you buy, ensuring you know as much about your potential new vehicle as there is to know.

Backed by Extensive Warranty

You’ll have peace of mind when you buy a Honda CPO vehicle, thanks to one of the industry’s best warranties. All Honda CPO cars, SUVs and trucks include coverage for the powertrain and components for up to seven years or 100,000 miles from the time the vehicle was first registered. An additional warranty covers many other parts and components for up to a year or 12,000 miles, with the exception of normal wear and tear. One of the best parts about the warranty is that there’s no deductible as long as you have the covered repairs made by a Honda dealer. Should you decide to sell your vehicle to a private party, the warranty is completely transferable.

More Financing Options

While all traditional finance options are available when buying a Honda CPO vehicle, you also have access to the lease program through Honda Financial Services. Lease payments are often less than those you might get in a traditional finance package, allowing you to get much more car for your monthly payment. Really want to get that moon roof, leather seat package and navigation? Consider leasing your next Honda CPO vehicle at Chapman Honda.

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