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Ridgeline the Truck for Both City and Trail

Whether you need a truck for utilitarian chores around the neighborhood or plan on tackling an off-road desert race, the new Honda Ridgeline offers a solution that’s both sporty and efficient. The Ridgeline recently completed the tough Parker 425 race that took competitors through some of the most grueling landscape in America. Although that truck was modified for safety, it featured many of the same components you’ll get when you buy your Ridgeline at Chapman Honda. If you’re needs aren’t quite as demanding, you’ll find the new Ridgeline a comfortable and fun ride for your everyday commute, even if those travels require a trip to the furniture store or big box outlet.

Ingenious Design Raise Bar on Pickups

While other pickup manufacturers are offering the same old design, you know, some doors, some wheels and a bed, the Honda designers put a little more thought into the creation of the new Ridgeline. Features such as an in-bed locking trunk and audio system in the bed will make your Ridgeline the most popular truck at the tailgating party. Don’t worry about scratching up the bed, as it comes with a composite polymer bedliner already installed. Chose the LED headlights and daytime running lights to not only illuminate your path, but offer the best chance that others will see you coming. A unique aerodynamic design not only improves efficiency and makes the truck pleasant to look at, but also reduces wind noise. Either lower the dual-action tailgate or swing it to the side, whichever makes the most sense for your particular loading needs.

Is this a Truck or Luxury Sedan?

Slide behind the wheel of the new Honda Ridgeline and you’ll be forgiven for wondering if you’re sitting in a trunk or a luxury sedan. Ambient LED lighting, an available 8-inch infotainment touch screen, tri-zone climate control and the use of upscale materials all around mean you’ll be comfortable, whether you’re attacking the desert or a supermarket parking lot. You can seat up to five adults comfortably in the Ridgeline. If you don’t want to store your load in the back, the convenient 60/40 lift up rear seats provide plenty of room for everything from dogs to golf clubs. Choose the RTL, RTL-T, RTL-E or Black trim levels and you get leather everywhere, from the trim on the seats to the steering wheel and shift knob.

Plenty of Power Available on Demand

Step on the accelerator lightly and you’ll feel the thrust of the 280-horsepower engine delivering as much power as you need. Front-wheel drive is standard, but the all-wheel drive version comes with a tow-hitch, lighting connector and the ability to tow most recreational trailers with a rating of 5,000 pounds. Come see all the innovations that make the Honda Ridgeline a special player in the truck market when you visit Chapman Honda.

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