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The Best Time to Buy a Honda

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Among the many important factors to consider when looking to purchase a new vehicle, one is often overlooked: timing.  Everything from time of year to time of day can have a noticeable impact on your experience – knowing when it is best to visit your Arizona Honda dealer can help make your foray into the auto market a success.

J.D. Power and Associates recently published an article detailing some of the best times to visit the dealership – here are some of their tips:

Buy at the end of the year.  The end of the calendar year is a time when dealers want to sell, but buyers may not want to buy.  Holiday shopping and other plans deplete both bank accounts and the desire of consumers to bargain, so dealers often offer deep discounts to those few who plan to save money and search for a new car at the end of the year.

Buy at the end of the summer.  You may have noticed sometime around August that model years and calendar years do not operate on the same schedule.  Seeing next year’s models in television advertisements before Labor Day sometimes triggers a double-take and a moment of confusion.  As a car buyer, however, the fact that new models arrive early means that dealers (including the premier Tucson Honda dealer) need to clear space – and that means discounts, rebates, and other incentives.  Plus, purchasing a new 2012 model before the end of the year can bestow a mileage advantage – many automotive value guides base resale value in part on a 15,000-miles-per-year industry standard.

Buy at the end of the day and at the end of the month.  Manufacturers offer bonuses to dealerships with good sales each month, so dealers may be particularly motivated to sell at the end of the month.  Also, arriving at the dealership toward the end of the day can speed up the process as salespersons attempt to close deals before close of business.

Buy when you feel it is the right time to buy.  Neither J.D. Power nor anyone else can tell you exactly when it is the right time to purchase a vehicle.  You know your needs best, so the decision of when to shop for a new or pre-owned auto is ultimately yours to make – Chapman Honda will be ready to offer world-class service whenever you are ready to take advantage of it.

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